Our tyical clients are in these industries:

Bank card, Retail card, Debt Buyers, Agencies, Bank loans, Auto loans, Landlord/tenant, Commerical receivables, Loans and leases, Loan/lease collateral recovery, Check and healthcare debt collection.

About Us

Whether your receivable is a bank card, private label (store card), auto deficiency, commercial loan, lease or consumer collection- DLS has proven methods to liquidate your accounts.

Our collections staff will quickly locate and contact your obligors. DLS will attempt to work out the best possible repayment program, and firmly encourage the debtor with counseling towards a rapid resolution.

What makes our firm uniquely effective is that, if your debtors fail to comply with our requests for payment, we will quickly (subject to your prior authorization) take the next step to collect: the legal option.

Our obligor contacts are always courteous and completely professional- the legal action steps apply the pressure to pay, while our professional collectors continue to counsel the debtor towards the right resolution.

You can expect DLS to contact your obligors immediately, file suits within 10-30 days after you send us the file, and continue aggressive collection contacts with debtors and their attorneys toward settlement until we get the money owed to you in hand.