Collection and Creditor Litigation

The staff and attorney of Direct Legal Services will work close with your company to develop customized collection strategies to maximize your results and reduce your costs. DLS takes a tenacious and aggressive approach.

We offer low cost flat rate per service and also contingency fee basis.

Because of the firm’s size and the concentration of its practice in the specialized area of collection, we are able to offer in depth specialization while still providing individualized service.

Our attorneys will handle the case from cradle to grave, drafting suits custom to your case and type of receivable, judgments and judgment enforcement: wage and bank garnishments, keepers, till taps for business debtors, assignment orders for spousal assets, rental monies attachment, judgment debtor examinations to find hidden assets as well as discovery to gain information to aide in the enforcement of the judgment. We have extensive asset location resources

DLS is prepared to be responsive to client requests and equipped to provide all levels of service. We are equipped with a technical team which allows us to create a dynamic approach that is client specific and driven by service and performance.